Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Cruise Notes

Ok, I had forgot about this one, but it was so darn cute that I gotta tell ya.

Every night of the cruise, there were shows on board. Vegas style entertainment. Nearly Naked Dancers, Comedians, Magicians, etc..etc..

So on the night that they had the magician, he brought up 3 little kids to help him do a magic trivck. He was going to saw this one kid's head off, and the other 2 children were suppose to catch it so that it didn't roll off stage. (I know, yuck.. but sooo funny!!) There were to little boys about 7 and 10, and a little girl.

So the magician put the collar around the old boy's neck, and had the other 2 children hold out their catch the head.

The little girl was a little skinny black kid. Just as cute as could be. Had on her Sunday Best dress, and little white shoes. You could tell Momma had taken some time with her hair too. She was just perfect!!

So the magician gets ready to do his trick and asks the little girl, "What's the magic word?"

She looks at him straight in the eyes, real sweet and shy, and says, "Pleeeeaaaasssseee?"

The crowd went wild..................................................................


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