Thursday, August 25, 2005

Should I be worried...

Here is a picture of my son and his church church. It was a "church" bonfire. Should I be worried??

I'm thinking yes.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Cruise Notes

Ok, I had forgot about this one, but it was so darn cute that I gotta tell ya.

Every night of the cruise, there were shows on board. Vegas style entertainment. Nearly Naked Dancers, Comedians, Magicians, etc..etc..

So on the night that they had the magician, he brought up 3 little kids to help him do a magic trivck. He was going to saw this one kid's head off, and the other 2 children were suppose to catch it so that it didn't roll off stage. (I know, yuck.. but sooo funny!!) There were to little boys about 7 and 10, and a little girl.

So the magician put the collar around the old boy's neck, and had the other 2 children hold out their catch the head.

The little girl was a little skinny black kid. Just as cute as could be. Had on her Sunday Best dress, and little white shoes. You could tell Momma had taken some time with her hair too. She was just perfect!!

So the magician gets ready to do his trick and asks the little girl, "What's the magic word?"

She looks at him straight in the eyes, real sweet and shy, and says, "Pleeeeaaaasssseee?"

The crowd went wild..................................................................

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Laughing during sex?

Not a good thing.

I can't help it. My husband is so damn funny! Sometimes we just lay in bed and he's says things, and it makes me laugh dammit!

Last night, well I can't tell you about last night, but it was freaking insane. Let's just say that I know that I married a guy who will take care of me in my old age.

Gotta love it.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

She's Baaaaacccckkk!!!!

I went on vacation last week. Wahoo!

I went on a cruise! Big Wahoo! A Carnival Cruise!

It was great. No, this isn't my 1st cruise, (nor my last) and yes, I know that Carnival is the cruise of the the "low class" peoples. But guess what?!?!? I lucked out on this cruise. I took the Carnival Glory! It's a NEW HUGE BEAUTIFUL boat. Unlike my other 2 Carnival Cruises which were rather old boats and a little worn. (Think Blackbeard's Pirate Ship)

This ship has GREAT ROOMS!! With big shiny white down comforters and down pillows. I am so damn lazy that I spent the majority of the cruise sacked out in bed. But, when I was up and outta my cabin, I did have a great time. Shows, Karoake, Eating, Drinking (lots!), Gambling, going to 3rd world countries to buy overpriced souvenirs, etc.. etc..

I also found out some very interesting things about my family on this cruise, also.

1.) My poor husband is whooped. Whenever there was any arguments or pouting or tears, he would just hang his head and get the faraway gaze in his eyes.. (I'll explain later..)

2.) A ship that holds 3,500 passengers and 1,500 crew members is too small, when it comes to my family.. Example - My little girl and I were at each others throats most of the time, I saw my son on various occasions trying to act cool (unsuccessfully!), making out with random girls, gambling, etc.. etc.. I saw my mother in law ALL OVER the damn place, talking to strangers and eating desserts (which I hear diabetics are suppose to do!)

3.) My Mother-in-Law takes FOREVER in the bathroom and goes about 10 million times a day AND expects me to wait while she goes!

4.) My little Daughter is trying to de-throne the Queen of all Things Bitchy and Evil! (Me) Poor little thing, I love her so, because she's me made over. I just wish that I had the brains that kid has when I was her age. I would have been ruler on the universe by now!!!

She, Daddy and I shared a room, and by the end of the cruise, my poor husband was curled up in the fetal position in the corner of the room, sucking his thumb.. She and I argued, complained and pouted at eachother most of the time. It seems that we're both madly in love with the same man (no, dude - not is that sick way!!) And having him trapped in a room with the both of us for the entire week, was just about more than he could handled. haha!! I love MEN!!

It's so funny, when ever 2 female argue, there's almost always tears or pouting, and if a man sees tears, he's like, " It's the end of the world!!!" Ofcourse to the females who are arguing, it's just normal, cause that's how we communicate, when we are trying to make our point.

Guys on the other hand, they belch in eachothers face or fart on a pillow to show that they don't agree with eachother.

Once we got home from the cruise, me and little sissy were back to normal. We love eachother but we know that we definitely both need our space.

I don't even know why I am mentioning this. I guess because my poor husband had to listen to all our bitching. AND on a brighter note - (Really this is good news!)

I TURNED 40!!!!! last week

Why is this good news you ask? (Yes, you over there in the corner) Well heck, everyday that you wake up and you're still alive is a great thing! I rather be fat and forty than thin, twenty and dead!!

How about you?