Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Nancy Lou Isa

Yep, that's my great grandmother's name.. My grandmother, on my dad's side, is getting up in her years. So, I recently visited her and spent the night over at her house. Just like I did when I was a little girl. She LOVES TO TALK!! But hey, when you're 85 and done alot, seen alot, you got things to say, dammit!

So anyway, realizing that I know nothing about her family, my granddad's family and how they meet, I asked her to tell me all about it..

Really interesting!! She was telling me about her mom, she kept saying "Mom this" and "Mom that", and my dad always called her Granny Bird, so I didn't even know her 1st name!! So I asked Grandmom. She said,"Well her name was Nancy Lou Isa."

I said, "Wow, she basically had 2 middle names!! Grandmom got a confused look on her face, then smiled and said, "I guess where you're from, you'd call her Nancy Louisa!"

Ahh... spreak engrish lady!

She also has funny sayings. I heard her on the phone talking to her neighbor and she was talking about someone she hadn't seen in years. She said, "Well I wouldn't know him from Adam's tomcat"!!! (Adam - like Adam and Eve, get it? haha)

In case you're wondering, my grandparents were married for about 60 years. My granddad, Abe is dead now. But he was the greatest, best looking, smartest man I ever knew! He never said it, but he always made me feel like I was his favorite grandchild. He also made all his other 19 grands kids feel the same way, I am sure!

My grandmother, whose maiden name was Bird, told me this story about how they started dating. She said that her, and alot of her neighbors, used to walk to church. It seems that the they had church ALL THE TIME!! But I remember when I was a kid, living near where she lives now, people would set up tents in their yards, invite Pastors from out of town to visit, and hold Tent Revivals, like ALL THE TIME!! So I suppose that she also went to alot of revivals.

So anyway, Grandmom and some of her friends were walking to church along with Pap (Granddad!) and Pap says, "Hey, what's your favorite kind of bird?" Some people said, "Oh, I just love Cardinals!" Someone said, "Blue Birds" and other such things. My Pap just said, "Well my favorite kind of bird is Catherine Bird!!" (Grandmom's cheeks turned red, just talking about it 60 somthing years later..)

So anyway, they dated (aka walked to church) for a while then my Pap left for a job in another state. She said that he told her that he was going to marry her, and would gett frustrated that she would never commit. (Hey she was only 16! He was an older man of 21 or 22.) So he left the state to go work in the coal mines. Finally, his absence made her heart grow fonder, and she eventually married him when he came back to town for one last attempt to win her over..

They lived quite happily ever after....


Ms Meh said...

Great story! And two days in a row - I am impressed!

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Nynke said...

Aaawww, that's a lovely story! Fair play to your grandad for being so persistant!

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