Friday, July 06, 2007

4th of July..What no Rednecks!?!?!

So we went down to Lennox for the 4th of July. For those of you not in the know..It's in Buckhead, which is still Atlanta, only it's 'uptown Atlanta'.
Got a GREAT deal on a room! (Thanks to my homegurl K!) and spent the afternoon with the family, the neighbors, and another couple, sitting by the pool, watching the kids (7) argue, try to race eachother, outdive eachother, kill eachother, whine about being bored, and play. Our room was right next to the pool, so guess who got to sleep in 7 wet spots? (Thanks to 7 wet kids watching cartoons in our room!) Because, hey that's why we rented a room downtown, so you kids could sit inside and watch cartoons!
Actually the kids were pretty good, however I did have to have a little "Come to Jesus" meeting with my own spawn.. She's usually sweet, but her patience was sorely tested yesterday being around 6 (other) wild children all day.
The fireworks were good, but a little short due to the drought. We didn't have any of the drama that we'd had in previous years due to mixing alcohol and red necks. Dang it.

I also had a Dr's appt with the hunney on Thurs. They took us in together, which was kind of creepy. Which means that I totally didn't get the complimentary breast exam I so look forward to each visit. (I'm kidding, hunney...or am I?)

So anyway, I beg and take on, act pathetic, and plead, but only get 2 freaking prescriptions, meanwhile HE walks out with like 8. What is up with that! No Fair... I am much more sicker that he is. I even had a fever for Heaven's Sakes!!! Stupid Doctor.
So today, it's back at work for 1 whole day, and I am totally dying. I am sure that I was born to lie back in a reclining position, eating bons-bons, and watching soaps all day........


~ Jayme ~ said...

Haha, that's funny. There is a lady here in town that refers to her daughters correctional moments as "A Jesus Meeting". All during baseball season we'd shout at all the kids, "don't make use give you a Jesus Meeting!" HEHE

I love it!

Thanks for the birthday wishes!! :) And it sounds like you had a marvelous 4th with all the kiddos. ;)

~ Jayme ~ said...

oh oh!!! And I hope you start feeling better. Nothing like being sick in the summer. YUCK