Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Only in Hiram...

Only in Hiram, will you see a girl riding a horse....at the movie theatre....in the middle of the day. Only in Hiram will you find tambourine Lady standing in front of the Target, waving her bible, thumping on her tambourine, screaming at traffic...telling them to "Get right wif God, huney chile!" and "Jesus loves you, u huh, yes he do!!"

Where I live, only 45 minutes from downtown Atlanta. (Unless it's rush hour, and then it may take you hours to get to downtown!) Hiram..

Not sure why I ever moved to this little hole in the wall town, but I sure do like it here!!!


Yseye said...

Sounds like a perfect setting for a sitcom/dramacom/comedrama ... whatever! It sounds fun!

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Anonymous said...

"Tambourine Lady" told me today that "I was full of shit, you Honky", while I was at a stop light with my wife and kids.

If she ever speaks to me like that again, I will dump her shopping cart in a ditch somewhere and bust her tambourine on the ground.