Thursday, September 04, 2008

I heart the Palin's!!

I have had a little trouble since I've found out that I can't wear contacts fulltime, and have had to resort to wearing sensible glasses. My heart has been broken ever since. (As if every time I look in the mirror and see a middle aged woman staring back at me instead of the hot MILF that I used to be with the contacts in).

So imagine my overwhelming joy when McCain announced the he has chosen Sarah Palin, governor of Alaska, former Beauty Queen, Mother of 5, Total Hot Babe and WEARS SENSIBLE GLASSES, as his choice of Vice President of the United States of America!!! (Cue up the marching bands here, and release the tickertape and patriotic balloons.)

Check out that HOTNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Sarah for fullfilling my husband's 'Hot Librarian" fantasies and making me see it's sexy to wear glasses too (and be in charge!)

But sexy isn't the only thing that Palin's got going for her. Oh no! She multi-talented! In addition to being governor, and raising unruly children, she's also managed to snag a totally rocking hot guy. (Who totally doesn't mind being married to the most powerful guy (er girl) in the entire state of Alaska!

Folks, I give you Mr. Palin!!

OK, that's not really him, but it sure looks ALOT like him!

Total Yumness!! and very absorbent too!!

Although future VP Palin got her start on the beauty pagent circuit (Who knew all those bullcheese speeches about world peace and love would ever be realized!) she really proved that she's the right man (er I mean girl) for the job!

(In this picture she's saying, "I love you all, now pay your damn taxes!)

It's so good to know that in times of like these (aka severe ecomonomic depression, high inflation, and rising unemployment) we can rely onVP Palin to do her part to boost the economy!

She can:

Kill her own meat WHILE entertaining the kids!!

(Hey Guys, it's called MULTI-TASKING!! Ya'll should try it!!

Fish for healthy meal ideals!! While ridding the ocean of ugly fish who might scare off the whales and baby seals!!

And distract the enemy... (then shoot 'em right between the eyes!!)

OK, I am praying this ones a photoshop, it's just too wrong to wear a bathing suit like that when you're in the Oval Office. (Or should we call it the Ovary Office!)

Here's Hilary's reaction when she heard the Sarah Palin was going to be the vice President AND had a hot body!!

(She's saying, "This is YOUR fault Obama!!")

So, in conclusion, I just like you all to know my opinion of the New Vice President (in waiting) of the Unites States of America!!!

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