Monday, June 20, 2005

Huli,,,Huli,,,Huli,,,,you quitter.

So one of my favorite people quit the phone company today. You wench....I have to admire her though. She started working here when I started, did the job for 4 months, discovered that she hated it, and said, "See ya later alligators!" I'm gonna miss her...

She was so funny. We used to go out and get Chinese every now and then and she'd open her fotune cookie and say, "Never trouble trouble, til trouble troubles you!" and that's exactly how she lived her life.

Can you imagine, just having a job you hated and saying, "F it, I am outta here!" She handled it better than that ofcourse, but that was basically the theme of how it went down. She was much more ladylike about it than how I would have been.. haha

Miss you Huli, poor G-girl had to go smoke by herself today...Come Back!!

It's Monday alllllll day long aroung here..


As always... Rachael said...

I have always admired people like that... fearless of change.

By it way, it's about time you posted!

Virgo Kitten said...

Amen, it is time you posted!

1, tell me you're not smoking again!

2, Get Huli to call me and tell me how to do that...for future reference (what am I saying? I've already done that once!)

3, Happiness (and all life) is a journey, not a destination, and the biggest act of courage is the first step. Of course, I like to take a lot of first steps off cliffs.

Love you!!!

ERL said...

having a job i hate and just walking away? i can do more than imagine it - ive done it waaaaaaaaaay too many times.

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