Monday, November 29, 2004

Holiday Time in NYC

So I am setting aroung the tube Sun afternoon, relaxing because ALL the brats and mom-in-law were GONE! Nope, I didn't kill 'em and hide the bodies in the cellar. It just so happened that every last one of them had a plan. The best 5 hours that I've spent in a while!!

Well, I actually cleaned house and did laundry for 3 of the WONDERFUL hours, but anywho.. I was lazing around the TV, when all of a sudden the Christmas tree (THE WONDROUS TREE) of Rockefeller Center(NYC) flashed across the TV during some sappy Lifetime show. I actually got to see the lighting of the Tree at Rockefeller back in 2000 with my VERY southern (and hot) sister-in-laws. I was single back then, and we had the BEST TIME. They both are the epitome of Southern Belles. (Blonde, Slim, and a Southern Drawl that lasts for days.) Anyway, we all spent the week, just shopping, and walking around Broadway and loving every minute of good old NYC.

My sister-in-laws are so friendly and chatty, they met people every where they went. (All the NYC guys were absolutely falling at their feet, it was so much fun!)

I just love NYC, I'd live right in the heart of Manhatten if I could, I'd never drive a car again!! I'd live on the 4th story of a old brownstone walk up if I could.

Ofcourse I hear NYC is so much MORE GLAMOROUS if you don't actually live there. Never hurts to dream a little, does it?


Frank said...

Your blog totally cracks me up or makes me cheer. Maybe it is because I went to school in south or maybe it is because I live in NYC (It is actually great to live in Manhattan if you have a job- it is awful if you are poor).

Anyway, I'm linking to it- if that is problem just drop me a note. And if any of those southern in-laws of yours need a date in the city- send them my way.

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