Monday, December 06, 2004

What happened to the end of November

Mercy! I just turned around and November was gone. So how was my Thanksgiving you ask? Well let me tell you... I did cook everything but the meat and dressing ahead of time. Still worked my hiney off to get that done. Planned to eat at 2, ate at 4 instead. (This is a good time, considering my honey was in charge of the turkey, and slept late.)So it was a pretty good day except for 1 little thing....

As you may know (or not know) my poor little niece lives with me. She is 14 and has had the worst life ever. She had called her dad (Idiot, Lazy, Useless) who is my younger brother, 2 weeks before T-day to make sure to invite him to Thanksgiving. He said that he would be there, no problem. She called him again couple of times during the week, TO MAKE SURE HE WAS COMING.. She then called him again at 11am on Thanksgiving Day, just to MAKE SURE ONCE AGAIN THAT HE WOULD BE THERE!!!

And do you think that the little bastard showed up!?!? HELL NO!! Not only did he not bother to show up, (Even after she had told him how much it would mean to her that he come, and about all the stuff she was cooking for him on this day!) but he also wouldn't answer the calls that she placed EVERY 30 MINUTES to his cell phone when he didn't show up. So about 7pm, I was totally fed up with her sad face, and everyone else asking her, "Where's your Daddy, Thought he was coming." So I called all the numbers he gave me and cussed him out on every answering machine that would pick up.

I left him a vile message at his work. (Which my Dad heard, and let everyone there also hear!) and also left him a scathing message on his cellphone.

Low and Behold! Dear little Daddy called back within 5 (Yep, you heard it right!) minutes after receiving my voicemail, to say he was on his way. Ok, so this is a 100 mile trip from his house to mine. How long do you think it took his dumbass to get to my house after calling? 4 HOURS!!!! He must have went thru China for all I know.

His excuse?!? He told my niece/his kid that he had been sick for 2 weeks, and that was why he was late. (Huh?) 2 weeks, and you never mentioned it before now?

So MEN OF THE WORLD, I have to ask. Why are most of you such crappy fathers/boyfriends/husband's?!? Please tell me, I'd really like to know!! Sometimes I am such a MAN-HATER.

Nothing else much happened. I hate to be such a SUPER-BITCH, but I really hate to see people I love in pain, especially when the person causing the pain is also someone I love. (or used to until Thursday anyway..)

Also for all you guys out there, let this be a lesson. DON'T EVER MESS WITH A MOMMY. We'd just a soon kill your ass, than to let you hurt children.

Have a great week, maybe I will be more proactive in my updates! Ciao'

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