Thursday, January 13, 2005

Cox Suckers!!!!

So yesterday I went to the above mentioned giant conglomerate for an interview. My sharp little young pup headhunter met me out there to introduce me to my potential boss. So me and the Headhunter go in to get an access badge.

Security Officer: Sign here please.
Security Officer: I need to see some form of picture ID please.
Security Officer: Who are you here to see?
Security Officer: What year is your car?
Security Officer" What is the Make and Model of your car?

Why does he need to know this? Is he going out to pee on my tires while I am in the interview, or maybe he's going to steal my AC/DC CD that even I can't get out of the CD Player? Heck I dunno.

So anyway, back to the Cox Sucker story. The security gets all our info and gives us a badge. The SO (Security Officer) then calls the guy that we are suppose to see. The SO gets voicemail and leaves a msg. We wait about 5 minutes and SO calls again. Again, he gets the voicemail, and hangs up. So my HH (headhunter) calls the guys number on his cell phone (Why? I don't know, maybe he thought SO was faking the voicemail thing.) Then my HH calls the HR chick who set up the interview, bingo voicemail again!

Then my HH starts stopping random people who are leaving for lunch. He is asking them if they know Mr. NoShow, while I silently edge away from HH and pretend like I am not with him. Finally the 3rd person that he asks says, "Sure I know him, let me find you someone from his dept." So the guy flags down some poor girl who takes us up to Mr. NoShow's important cubicle by the window. This girl then finds someone who knows Mr. NoShow's cell phone number.

So this new guy calls the butthead on his cellphone. Does this guy answer the cellphone? (The cellphone that Cox is paying for him to have so that he can be available at all times.) HELL NO!! So then the guy radioes the cellphone (Nextel - We love you!) Mr. NoShow answers immediately and says that he is walking into the building. The guy says "Good, you have someone here to see you."

So me and HH go back to the important cubicle by the window and wait. Mr. NoShow walks in with wet slicked down hair and bleary eyed. (It's so obvious the his sorry ass just tumbled out of bed and showered.) It's 11:30 by now, and 30 minutes after our agreed meeting time.

We introduce ourselves, "Hey, how ya doing?" Mr. NoShow says, "You really got me on the spot here, can I speak to you for a moment Mr. Head Hunter?" So they walk away from me about 10 feet and start whispering like 4th grade catholic school girls. A minute later HH comes over, looking like he just swallowed his tie and says, "I am so so sorry, Mr. NoShow just told me that the position was eliminated due to downsizing 2 days ago and that he told this all to the HR chick. She was suppose to call us and tell us that Mr. No Show would not be interviewing you today."

I sweetly bit my tongue and told HH, "Aw don't worry about it, it's not your fault, just some simple miscommunication, no big deal." Me and HH chit chatted for a bit and walked out together while he apologized the whole time. But.....I was so PISSED. I wanted to rip that wet head off Mr. NoShow and shove it up his gay arse!

Although I STILL desperately want to work for Cox, I am beginning to think that you either have to be kin to someone or be sleeping with someone to get a damn job there!!! I don't know which. I have a GREAT resume', everyone tells me so. I have submitted the resume to Cox's website hundreds (I am not lying ATLEAST 300) of times, for positions that I an either qualified for or over qualified for. THEY NEVER RESPOND!! This particular job that I NEARLY interviewed for had been posted for 7 weeks, 7 FREAKING WEEKS!!! I was contacted by 8 headhunter agencies, ALL of them saying that my resume fit this position PERFECTLY!! And they ALL wanted to submit me for the opening.

So I ask you Cox, what the hell am I doing wrong? I am a great fit for your company, and except for the occasional hissy fit, a stable dependable hardworking employee. Come on you chickens!! Call me!! Interview me!!! I double dog dare you!!!

If I have not been so pissed the other day after driving 60 miles round trip during my lunch hour for a non-interview, I would have went out to Mr. NoShow's car and peed on HIS TIRES!!

Ok, I'm done now, the hissy fit is over, back to sending out my resume to people who put out job ads on the interent even though they don't really need to hire anyone.

Have a Great Day!

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