Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Southern Dictionary

I am so tired of constantly being corrected on how I speak AND the only people who correct me are...People from up North!!

Folks, if you're gonna live down here in the South, LEARN OUR LANGUAGE!!!!

So for all you misplaced souls here in the south, let me provide you with some phrases and definitions.

I reckon - "I assume"
I swannie - "I can't believe it"
I'm fixin to - "I will get to that task very shortly."
warsher - "Washing Machine"
peench (Long E sound) - "Pinch"
mater - "Tomato"
tater - "Potato"
peecan (Long E sound) "pecan" - the only nut we use for baking.
dinner "Lunch"
supper "Dinner"
farplace - "fireplace"
ain't or taint - "is not" OR "are not"
keyarnine "anything that smells moldey or rotten"
loomnum fol "Aluminum Foil"
cancer stick "cigarette"
wacky backy "marijuana"
chaw "chewing tobacco"
dope "soda"
nekked "naked"
pee bug - "Male Genitals"
tutu - "Female Genitals"
knocked up - "pregnant"
Mondee, Tuesdee Wednesdee etc.. - "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday"
Ya'll "You all"
episode "any illness that you don't want to elaborate on, like the runs or menstrual cramps"
peel "medication prescribed by a doctor or the outter skin of fruits and veggies.
air,our and hour all all pronouned the same. (pronouned as Eer)

So there you are. They're not in any particular order, but just random things that I have to explain to my favorite little Yankee husband on a daily basis. I love it when he gives me hell for the way I speak, I just smile and say, "Where do you live again"?


Idgie @ the "Dew" said...

I've never heard of soda called Dope, we always call it Coke!

"What'll ya'll drink"
"What kind of coke"
"I'll have a Sprite"

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