Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The Job Hunt...going sssslllloooowwwwlllyyy

So the new year is here already. Where are all my prospective employers?? Dead, asleep, still on holiday!?! What is up?

I was interviewing around T-day in November and the next thing I knew the dreaded "holidays" hit. You know that time, it's when everyone is suddenly to busy to come to work, post their open positions on the web, meet and interview people, hire people. Busy Busy Busy People.

So I didn't complain or cry (like I wanted to..) Nope, I just nicely agreed with you all, that yep, things ARE slow during the holidays and it WILL pick up. So here we are folks! 2 working days into the new year, and where are you at people?

Look at my resume, call me, I am the best darn most diligent worker that you'll ever have at your firm. Get on the stick already, before some one snatches me away for the perfect job...

Meanwhile here in hell (my present position) - it's still the same. We are all forced to worship at the temple of the new guy (Elvis hair,earrings) while our customers run away from us, and prospects don't return our calls. Why did I ever agree to take a job in SALES!?!?! What was I smoking?

So if you know of anyone in or around Atlanta that's hiring. Let me know. I am getting desperate.

I know that I am suppose to be grateful for what I got, but trying to sell this crap is like trying to sell Bibles to hookers..

Peaceout People (Always wanted use that one!)

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