Monday, May 16, 2005

Children of the Corn..

So Saturday night we are feeling a little sorry for the neighbor, because his wife is not the proud owner of the local Tai Kwon Do (Spelling?) studio and now must spend every waking moment of their life at it, or funding raising for it.

So the wife had organized a "sleep in" to raise money for the studio (This in the same day after she did a carwash AND a yardsale for the same studio) So anyway, we are feeling sorry for the neighbor guy, because wife took off with the 3 older kids and left him with the 2 yr old for the evening. So I invited them over for dinner and a movie.

The neighbor is originally from Michigan, the red neck part. So I thought that I'd give him some good ole home cooking. So I fried up some chicken livers, steamed some cabbage, made pinto beans and cornbread and oh yea potato salad. Evidently people in Michigan never were as poor as us Southerns. He had never had chicken livers before. He was so funny, he said, "People actually eat these as a meal?" He wouldn't touch cornbread or cabbage. Put he did have the potato salad a little bit of beans, so I guess he didn't starve.

His 2 year old on the other hand was in heaven. I swear that kid will eat anything. He was slurping down sweet tea like it was heaven. He was begging his dad for beans (Those have to be rationed because they make for awful messy diapers, per the dad.) and I had also made some noodles for my finicky brats, but the baby was totally enthralled by the noodles. He was slurping those like worms, throwing them on his head, throwing on my son's head, making mustaches out of them, feeding them to the dogs... (The dogs were in heaven too, to find a new "feed me at the table" source!) The baby was just too cute!!

I just love the nieghbor's kids. They are so cool for kids. I think it must be because their parents have tons of patience and take them everywhere they go. I rarely ever hear the mom "snap" (which is something that I am prone to.) and she is always on top of their behavior. So that makes for well behaved kids. Now they do have their moments, but they are few and far between.

I think these little monster's are my training pants for when I have grandkids. I just love them, the come over and entertain me, and when they get on my last nerve, I just open the door and say, "Is that your mom calling? Must be time for you to go home!"


JUST A MOM said...

OK and just WHERE is the "redneck" part of Michigan? I ate all the things you mentioned, growing up. I thought I was in the redneck part. Pretend grandbabies are the best!! Not only do you not have to buy for them but you don't have to CARE how they are raised! They are not a example of "your" family. hehe

SouthernChickie said...

Good to know!
From what the neighbor say, Redneck Michigan is a mysterious place and you can't get there from here.

Seriously though, he is always talking about mudding through the flatlands. Which is where he grew up. So I have no clue where that is, but mudding is awful neck, don't you think?

As always... Rachael said...

I was under the understanding that all of michigan is a little red-neck.

Aren't cool kids great! I love kids, but only awesome ones - which pretty much means I hate kids! But when you do meet a kick-ass kid, it's refreshing!

JUST A MOM said...

uuuuummmmmmmm, Mudding is a past time for all of Michigan I am thinkin. Holly crap I am a true redneck!

Virgo Kitten said...

I may have been mudding once, and just for the sake of "Gettin' a little mud on the tires." The rest of the times we were trying to get somewhere that you had to cross mud/raging water to get there (to deer hunt or look at the stars or whatever).

Do I qualify for redneck?

::sees Mom adding up born of Calhoun parents, growing up in C'ville, and deer hunting and getting "redneck woman"::

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