Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Some people really suck!

So I see my neighbor out pushing a stroller the other day. Since she doesn't have a kid small enough to fit in the stroller, AND i know that's she's been looking to foster-to-adopt a kid, (and I think maybe she might have kidnapped a kid - and there's a reward for me to find it..) I go out and do the neighborly and nosey thing. I go out and - check out the new baby!!

So we are out in the cul-de-sac, and she has the cutest little kid out there, laying in the stroller. Sure enough, she's fostering the little dollbaby. The baby is only 3 months old, and is laying out in the stroller just being a perfect little angel.

Then she whips back the blanket to reveal that cutey-pie is sporting a body cast from his upper chest to his toes!. So being the clueless one that I am, I say, "What's up with that, is it pigeon-toed, got bow-legs?"

"No", she says, "he actually has 3 broken bones in his legs."

Seems he was dropped off at the hospital with this injury and another injury that happens when you slap a baby really hard in the face. When the hospital started asking questions, the people who brought her/him to the hospital simply faded away.

How is it that this happens!! I find it awful that we dedicate so much news time to some ditz who runs away from home 4 days before her wedding, but we have little babies in this same city who are being abused to the edge of death, and we never hear about it? I am sure that is this poor baby had dies from the injuries, we might have heard a 30 second news blurp on what happened, or read about it on page 14 of the news paper! But crap! let the kid grow up and run off to Vegas for the weekend and WHOA STOP THE PRESSES!!

Amazing! In this last year, I have seen a baby born so addicted to herion, that it was on methadone every 2 hours for months, while the stupid mother claimed it was only gas. I met a toddler that was "seized" during a drug bust, that baby later tested positive for drugs. I know a kid who almost died of starvation while his mom hung out at the Waffle House trying to turn tricks so that she could get a hotel room to get her child out of the winter weather.

Did we read about any of this on the news? No we didn't. We were too busy with the "Runaway Bride"!


JUST A MOM said...

I think you need to come to my blog and click the "my book" site. I was a fosterparent for 10 years, so sadly enough this stuff doesn't suprise me. I wrote a book about our years, although there is much to be added it might be interesting. SAD ALL TOO SAD!

SouthernChickie said...

I read your site last night. WOW!! You have really dedicated you live to the cause. I know many people who have taken on the foster care role, and I really have to admire them!! Between the poor broken kids that you have to deal with, and the "system" it's a wonder that these kids even manage to grown up at all. Just an FYI.. here in GA, we had a special about the lack of available foster care in one of our metro counties, and how the kids were being shipped to foster care in other counties due to the shortage. Now we have some to find out that lots of families in the 1st county had actually been thru the fostercare training, had spent thousands to bring their homes up to standard, then never heard anything else from the county. My co-worker is one of these people, he has managed to find 32 other families that were qualified, but never contacted.

In the meanwhile, these kids are shipped to other counties, then yanked out of the homes, because the assigned caseworkers are "having to drive to far" to check up on their kids. (That's a direct quote from one of the caseworkers who recently removed a child from a home in my county!)

What a mess!

JUST A MOM said...

You read All of it? wow thanks.

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