Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Maw In Law

So What happen to me? you are asking yourselves....

Well, Maw-in-Law is back in town..... Yep, leave it to an in-law to call you, after you are in bed, but 3 minutes before you are about to get down to biz-ness with her little boy!!! That's exactly how it happened too. (or didn't happen, come to think of it!)

On a Thursday night... the one night of the month when we were going to get lucky...Ring!!!Ring!!! goes the phone. Nothing kills the mood like the voice of your mother, in a hot hurry panic....to book a plane trip ...... to your house.... 3 weeks earlier than originally planned.

Love you Maw-in-Law!!! Thanks for the call!

So she was at her psycho sister's house. (sister = Sybil, 3 Faces of Eve, Angelina Joli in Girl Interrupted..) MIL and sister got into a knock down drag out, so MIL called us and wanted to jet back to our house. No problem, love to have you here...Only I haven't cleaned the house since you left back in February.

So Thursday, Friday, and Saturday was spent in a frenzy of cleaning, clearing and organizing!! Even though, MIL has spent every single second since her arrival re-cleaning, re-clearing, and re-organizing, me, again....

On a brighter note!! She is heading back to my Sister-in-law's to re-clean, re-clear, and re-organize her house in 3 weeks. Oh Joy!!

I love having MIL at my house, she's Arabic and I'm Southern, so every sentence we speak ends with "Can you repeat that?". And though we have nothing in common, expect we both love the same guy, (Her boy, my hubby!),we manage to have fun. She is really keeping me on the go. She likes to shop, eat out, and visit places, while I like to lay around, sleep, and do nothing. Guess whose agenda, we follow? Yep, hers!! So you will hear less and less of me the next 3 weeks or so, while I try to work, clean house for a change, entertain MIL, and somewhere in the middle of all that, lay around and do nothing!!!

I'll miss you!


Virgo Kitten said...

You could'a called me and I'd keep her occupied. Granted, there are too many people in that house these days. And you know me well enough to know I'd run off with J-bird and come back long after dinner. So nevermind that.

I love how she starts every sentence with "In my country..." when she backs me into a corner and gives me a lecture. And I will NEVER forget her singing "Who Let The Dogs Out" under her breath leaving the Navy thing. But hey, as long as she cooks for me!

::gags at visual of mom getting her groove on::

I had to tell a very cute, very nice, very wonderful guy that he was three years older than my mom. *sigh* Before you think I'm a sellout, we had already agreed to be just friends. But he did ask if you were as hot as I am (I said sure, in a blonde, blue-eyed, taken sort of way)

SouthernChickie said...

Merci!! We need to both agree that you'll never date anyone 8 yrs older than you, and I'll never date anyone 8 yrs younger than me. (Oh wait, I'm not allowed to date now that I'm married!!) Anywho, if anything should ever happen to Buddha... We'll split the 16 down the middle.

Lord, I think, I'd rather die than date, at this point..


Virgo Kitten said...

"Lord, I think, I'd rather die than date, at this point.."

I'd agree to that, but I don't want anyone to remind me I agreed to that. So I'm going to talk about agreeing to it and not say anything.

JUST A MOM said...

Glad to hear your still breathing.

As always... Rachael said...

Funny shit! Mind if I pee jus' a lil bit! Good luck with MIL... hope you're able to sneak in some some L&D... the L is for laying on your ass... the D is for doing nothin. And while you're sneaking? Hop on her baby boy the minute she falls asleep... hop on and lock it in!

(Man, I'm in a durty mood!)

Buddha Bong said...

Ok, in-laws suck.


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