Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Herman Munster...

This goes out to the man who rides public transportation with me. So sorry to hear you’re getting a divorce. Now I know it’s none of my bees-wax, but heck man, when you have a booming voice like Herman Munster and you chatter about it on your cell phone, THE.ENTIRE.HOUR. that we’re stuck with you on the ride, one can’t help but hear your saga.

So you need to ‘steal’ your motorcycle back from the wife? Ever you ever thought about perhaps asking her for it? Call me crazy (no don’t, I’ll cut ya!) but me thinks she might just be holding it as a bargaining chip… What ‘cha got to trade?

Forevermore you’ll be known as Herman. Herman, BTW, it’s a small town we live in, you might want to lower your voice. After hearing you on the phone, talking about the ‘new’ friend. I think I might have a couple of bargaining chips myself.


JUST A MOM said...

haahahaa friday!!!!!

southernchickie said...

Thank you girlie!! Happy F-day to you too..