Friday, June 29, 2007

Today is Friday..Yippie! Last week, I screwed myself out of the weekend because like a dummy I redid the bathroom. It looks GREAT (I totally could be a designer on a homemaker over show!) but I spent a darn weekend re-doing it.

So this weekend, I plan to go shopping. I need to dress for formal night on the cruise we’re taking next week. I hate to shop for dresses, because 1st of all, I have cankles, and I look like a lumberjack in a dress.

And formal night on a cruise ship reminds me of the prom. You spend a couple of hundred dollars on a dress that you only wear once, and your date can’t wait to rip off you at the 1st opportunity.
I have other dresses from other formal nights, but they look so freaking matronly. I think tomorrow before I go out to shop, I may slug back a couple of fo-tees (40oz beers) so that I will be in the right frame of mind to get a sexy dress….. that covers the cankles, while exposing my wonderful cleavage to the very best advantage.

Then, after shopping with MIL, I have to take her back to the old folks home, then rush home and get ready for my night out with my gossip buddies. Who are the GB’s you ask? Well, that’s a group of people who all subscribe to a website for our county. We all get on the site periodically during the day, to spread gossip, provide breaking news updates about what’s happening around the county (such as cow loose on Main Street, take alternate route), argue about silly stuff, and brag about our gardens, husbands, and children. It’s like the new age party line. I LOVE IT!
This will be my 2nd meet and greet, the other one was small, but this one is going to be about 15 or so people!! So I am really excited. WAHOO! I am dragging the hunney along for this one, since he is ALWAYS a great conversationalist, and whined when I went to the last and he didn’t. (Even though he said he didn’t want to go!)

Other that those 2 horrible exciting things, I really don’t have any other plans, other than to looks for a snowsuit for the little one to wear on her dog sled run next month. I haven’t seen that stupis snowsuit in years, so wish me luck!

Don’t hate me because my life is SO exciting. (I know, what-ev heifer!)

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JUST A MOM said...

try and have fun shopping!!!!! wear flat shoes......