Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I've had better conversation with goldfish....

So yesterday was Monday... Here I am standing at the smellavator with my lunch buddy getting ready to go to lunch. (Wahoo, Lunch!) When she casually mentions that the boss is going with us.

Wha?!?! The boss?!?! The one I.can't.quit.sucking.up.to.?


Took a minute to register but lo and behold, then he walked up.

OK, this guy is SHY... He's nice, but being the boss meant that all conversations about fornification, drinking, and 'how sorry men are' was TOTALLY off limits.
Heck if you can't talk about those things, what can is there left to talk about?

Hence the title of this entry....

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Catherinette Singleton said...

Ugh, that sounds like such a boring lunch? What else is there to talk about??