Thursday, June 21, 2007

Stop me before I butt-kiss again!

What the hey… I have worked myself out of a job!! Since I have most inconveniently been sent to set at the (right hand of God) by the boss, I have been working like a total suck up…I am like that episode of when the Brady Girls met Davey Jones.

Geesh, he just asked me a question (as he came back from lunch and totally caught me playing Spider Solitare) and not only do I answer it, but I give the world's longest diatribe about nothing in particular. ARG!!! I HATE MYSELF!!!

Did I take my crazy meds today?? That usually shuts me up. I'll take another one, cause I ain't so sure, but D-A-M-N, I really need to simmer. Ofcourse if I take too many pills in one day, I'll lay in bed later and re-hash all the sucking up I did at work! Decisions, decisions.

So anyway, I have worked like a dog for 8 hours a day on stuff I used to work on for about an hour a day. (Hey, I like to pace myself!) It's not like I am a slacker, (OK, I totally am a slacker!) but this is a job that doesn't require a lot of brain power, so I have plenty of time to research "important" stuff on the net. Like Hollywood Gossip. Which starlet is really and truly preggers. (As it stands now, Christina A=Yes, Tom Cruise's Stepford Wife=No, Nicole I need to eat some candy Richie=Maybe), hone up my Spider Solitare skills so that I can go to Vegas and form a
tournament and totally win a million and read everyone's blogs.

But now that boss boy sits behind me, and apparently has a spring in his ass, and randomly pops up and by my desk about a zillion times a day, I can't get anything done, but work!!! What the hey! It doesn't help that I have a desktop monitor the size of a billboard. Gad!

In the last 4 days, I have :

Researched and updated all records in 4 different systems.
Cross checked billing records against 350 customers.
Cleaned out and Organized my email.
Updated and Organized my favorites.
Cleaned out and sorted my files in My Documents.
Organaized and planned ALL my workload thru July 31.
Cleaned my drawers out, and top of desk.
Cleaned fingerprints off billboard size monitor.
Defunked the crude off the phone where I now sit. (Miami CSI would have a field day with this thing!)

So I guess I will relegate my self to fricking updating my own blog on in Word, then convertly cutting and pasting it into the Blog………..and waiting on something to explode here at work so I will have some busy work.


FENICLE said...

Dude I so need you to come organize my crap at work!!!!

JUST A MOM said...

0oh man stop I have to pee,,,,