Monday, December 20, 2004

Dangit!! It's Monday again!!

Well the honey had to go to his mom's house last Thur to help her move out of it. It's official now, she sold the house, and now she lives with us! Yeah and Boo! Yeah, because she is an OCD housecleaner and great cook, Boo, because she calls me about a million times a day at work to tell me random things like, "You only have 10 boxes of Kleenex and 15 rolls of toilet paper in the house!" or "Hey the church called, and some recording came on, I forgot what it said." ARG!!!

Anyway, my husband was gone for the weekend, which I thought would suck, but incredibly it WAS GREAT!!!! The kids helped with the housework, (I didn't even have to hold a knife to their throats to get them to help!), I got a lot of shopping done, a lot of wrapping done, a little bit of relaxing done.. It was heaven... But he's coming home today, so that's good too.

What else... My arch enemy (enema) the co-worker was out sick for 2.5 days last week. That was also heavenly. No bragging, no lying, no bad hairdos, cheap left earrings... But he's back today, in rare form as usual.

Still looking for a job. Had 2 interviews last week. One was great but the pay was LOW, the other one, they want me to travel EVERY WEEK Sun thru Fri.. Darn, Darn, Darn. Just can't win.

My existing job (hell) STILL HAS NOT MANAGED to put the order that I turned in on Nov 6 into the system. Crapheads!

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