Thursday, December 16, 2004

What goes around comes around..

So after bitchin and whining about bad drivers only 2 days ago. It came back to haunt me. I was driving like Helen Keller yesterday. As I spent the day pulling out in front of other cars, running red lights, and avoiding near death car crashes. I realized that I ain't go no room to talk about other people's driving!!

Today is our office Christmas Party. Oh joy, can't wait.. Starts at 1pm at a dark depressing bar. Should be a real swinging time.. It may be cancelled because there's a chemical leak nearby where the bar is. THAT WOULD SO MAKE MY DAY!!!

Anyway I have a job interview today after the party. I pray that I will get this job. I gotta get out of the hellhole that I work at, before I go completely nuts..

I will pray that the Lord either gives me strength or gets me out. You pray for me too, please.

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