Friday, March 04, 2005

A posting...atlast!!

Where have you been little Chickie?? You are all asking. Well, let me tell you some JUICY JUICY news. Some of you dear people may remember about 2 months ago, I interviewed for a job in front of about 7 or 8 people wearing my push up bra. (Remember??Me neither..) Anyway, thought I'd made an ass of myself, but THEY HIRED ME!!! YIPPIE YA YI YO!! It's with the "Phone Company", hint hint wink wink.. I am so very happy, 10K a year more, and bye bye to my old boss "Head Thumper" So, I laid out of work on Tuesday (Which I never ever do!) with one of my "imaginary southern magnolia fainting spell migraines" and got the final word that day. So I dragged my happy ass in on Wednesday, typed up a resignation, and told the boss, "Love ya, behave, and buh bye".

He asked why I was leaving and like the yellow bellied coward that I am, I said, "Oh more money, better benefits, better hours, etc.." instead of saying,"Because my forehead seems to be the favorite target of your booger infected fingers, you pompous ass hole!!" I know that they all (management) knew something was up because the big boss (Who thinks I hung the moon!) called and wanted to know the "real reason" why I quit. I told him the same thing. I was just so grateful to get the crap outta there, and I don't think I should burn any bridges. Heck, I've already burn so many in my life, that you can see them all over the world on Satellite!!

So I start at the "Phone Company"on Monday, doing what I was made for!! I am one happy camper! Funny thing, Bad Hair Elvis(coworker), when he found out grabbed me and hugged me hard (yuck!) and said, "Get me outta here!" I was starting to think he was ok and amusing at the end. I guess hardship brings people closer.

So starting Monday, I will be sitting downtown in a shiny new building, happy as a clam. Whatever will I bitch about now???!!!

Sorry that after a week, that this posting is short and weak, but I am forced to use hubby's, groody computer with the broken space bar on the keyboard. It's just too damn painful to type a sentence, then having to back up and pound the spacebar like a sledgehammer to seperate my words.



Yvonne said...


Ash said...

Yay you!!! congrats!!!!!

Kim said...

Definitely, congrats!!

Idgie @ the "Dew" said...

Congrats getting away from the Head Thumper! Man he musta been annoying.

Enjoy the "phone company" and all that goes with it.

SouthernChickie said...

Thank you all! I AM LOVING this job as a matter of fact. Everyone is so laided back, and nice!! (Must be putting on a show for me!)

My new boss is a young cute daddy in Seminary school. I am trying my best to figure out a way to corrupt him already!

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