Monday, February 28, 2005

Who stole my weekend!!!

So last week was "Winter Break" for the kids in our fine county. What the hell is "Winter Break"? Like we're all rich and can afford to go to Aspen to ski with Bunny and Biff for the week?

Luckily for me, all my little angels have different daddies (as before you get any ideas and start calling me harlot, different mommies too!) so the older 2 decided to take off to spend the week with their worthless, ain't got real jobs, daddies. (Not that I am judging or anything!) So big boy ran off on Tuesday, right after I told him that I expected him to vacuum and dust the entire house, and right before he actually did it! And big girl took off on Thursday afternoon, AFTER she had completed her chores for the week. (GOOD GIRL!)

So that left us with the little one (8 yrs old) to entertain. Unfortunately, her daddy lives at our house (as my hapless Hubby!), and her mother in mostly invisible so she got stuck with us, the old farts, for the remainder of the week! Well, we didn't have any means of babysitters (what with our indentured servants on vacation with their daddies) so Hubby had to take little one to college with him one day. (Daddy had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb..) Well, she absolutely loved it!!! And she even knew the answer to one of the questions that the teacher threw out to the class. So now she's all hard core to finish up with 3rd grade as quick as possible so she's can get one grade closer to college!!

We had a nice, boring time this weekend. I took little one and one of her girlfriends to see the "On Account of Winn Dixie" movie. I highly recommend it if you have a child 5th grade and under.

Nothing else much happened except the husband was sick with a cold all weekend, and he turns every little illness into a major production. So it was entertaining to watch him dramatize about his latest "near death" experience.

One funny note, he was walking out of the bathroom and as I walked by, so I yelled out, "Boo!" He grabbed his heart and leaned into the doorway, and looked like he was going to pass out on the spot. This kinda made me nervous knowing that he's suppose to be the big brave strong one, in case an intruder ever broke into the house!


~ Jayme ~ said...

You too huh? We have those winter breaks here and it's the only school district in the area that does it. I think they like to be weird. I had never heard of such until I got with my husband. I said the same thing, "What the hell is a winter break?". WELL, this year they didn't have one. Guess they finally figured out that Southeast Texas doesn't really have winters...LMAO!!!

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