Monday, February 07, 2005

God answers Prayers...Even the little ones.

It's so true. Here's my example. So I have be obsessing about my son's bathroom clutter in the basement. I thought that a shelf would be nice, so Saturday morning I go out to buy a shelf. As I am walking out, my husband informs me that we are broke, as usual. So I go to Big Lots, I also needed a new fluorescent light for the kitchen. Its so dad-blamed dark in there.

So here I am at Big Lots, looking at a $50 shelf, then a $30 plant stand thinking that I hated both of these, and couldn't afford them anyway. So I cruise over to the plastics aisle and check out these cool stackable drawer units that I really liked. But they were $8 per unit and I needed atleast 4 units to start. TOO EXPENSIVE!!

I also didn't find ANY lights for the kitchen, so I mope out of the store and vowed to try K-Mart later in the week. I go home and plug up the existing fluorescent light over the kitchen window, it hasn't worked in over a year, and fix myself a snack. A couple of hours later, as it's getting dark out, I notice that the light IS WORKING!!! It's on, it's shining bright and I LOVE IT!!!

Happy as a clam, I leave to drop the 15yr old to church and WHAT DO I FIND IN THE NEIGHBORS TRASH!!!! An amazing drawer unit with about 8 drawers in all different sizes. The bottom drawer was damaged, but I think that I can turn that one around and still use it. (Before you stone me for picking thru the neighbor's trash, she's moving out of her home and we all pick thru eachothers trash and it's fine with her, so there!)

Once I stuck the lovely drawer unit in the garage to be cleaned up (it has a couple of Cinderella stickers on some of the drawers) and I thought about what I had said earlier in the day when I was looking for the light and shelf units. I think I said something like, "Lord, help me..." AND HE DID!!

I believe that God is also working another miracle in my life right now, but it's so in the premature stages, that I don't even want to talk about it right now, I am afraid that just talking about it will "nosh" the deal. So hopefully, I will have some more good news to share later this week. This one is something that I have prayed and prayed about. I have prayed and begged God so hard on this one that I feel a little guilty about it, but in His own time, it seems that he is also answering this BIG ONE!!

You know, while we are on the subject... About a year ago I saw a miracle and told a couple of people about it and they looked at me like I had lost my mind. I saw this couple at church go up the alter and pray with our pastor for good health for the wife. She has been suffering seizures and blackouts for years. While they were praying with their heads together, I saw like a golden glow rise from between them all, light up there faces. I was mesmorized, I didn't want to move and look away when it happened. It lasted about 30 seconds, I was totally dumbfounded. Yep, a minor miracle or even just something strange, but it certainly got my attention.

I have always been bummed out that I never saw a ghost, an alien or Big Foot. I also have never seen the Virgin Mary in the clouds, or Jesus on a wall or sandwich or anything. But after seeing this light at church, I realized that I had seen many miracles in my lifetime. Like the time on 285 when I saw a lady standing in the middle lanes of the highway beside her overturned SUV without a scratch on her. Or the time that my brother was put thru a hay conveyor and ended up with only mashed fingers. Or my little cousin before he died as a teenager, he told us that he wasn't afraid to die because people from heaven had come to him and told him that they would take care of him there. Or another family member, who on her death bed raised her arms to the sky and said, "Take me Jesus, I am ready to go!"

This last one pissed me off so bad. Here was a 38 year old woman with a new daughter to take care of, and she was suppose to be fighting heart disease. I was so mad that she just gave up and said, "Take me." Later, I realized that she didn't ever give up, that she was put on earth to only live those 38 years and that God gave her the miracle of acceptance of her situation. Her little daughter is now being cared for by the grandparents, and that little girl has brought so much joy into this family who has already lost 2 of their children to death, and is now watching a third child get sick and die.

Anyway, I am obviously opening my cracked heart up today. Forgive me, I am just feeling so sappy over my new drawers and my old (now working) new light. Thank You Lord!!!


Idgie @ the "Dew" said...

Someone was surely looking out for you and your needs!

I left you a comment on my comment you left me - I really think you need to post a little more about "The Ponderosa".

That would be good reading!

Anonymous said...

Aaww.. thank you Scar. I just might do that. I could write a book on the Ponderosa fam.

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